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Three charming Riads

One concept of hospitality

The three "Charming Riads in Marrakech" are run by a German couple who had discovered their love for Marrakech many years ago, and who has, in the meantime, built a small, but eclectic Riad hotel business. Though being very different as to their furniture and character, each of the Riads offers this special hospitality so typically Moroccan to their customers who should be prepared to be pampered around the clock. Welcome to the Charming Riads in Marrakech!

Riad Carina Riad Carina
Lovely rustic Riad
Riad Carina was built and decorated in a charming traditional Berber style. You will find natural stone, burnt bricks, terracotta, clay and wood. Come to Riad Carina and find the real, traditional Morocco. Riad Carina is located in the southern medina, just next to the ancient royal El Badi Palace.
Lovely rustic Riad
Riad Diana Riad Diana
Charming traditional Riad
Riad Diana seduces by its spacious rooms and the opulent African-Moroccan decoration. In the evening, go and let your eyes get captured by the myriad of sparkling lights in the whole Riad, just as in a thousand and one night.
Charming traditional Riad
Riad Viva Riad Viva
Beautiful royal Riad
At Riad Viva, live the atmosphere of a small royal palace. It is built in a typical Moroccan style and lovingly decorated with fine wood interiors, furniture and details that epitomize great craftsmanship. Enjoy the bright and spacious luxury rooms.
Beautiful royal Riad

Marrakech Offers

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Relax and feel good

Guided tours

Marrakech is not only a very exciting and lively city, it is also full of culture and history. So finally, a guided city tour through the historical old town is a must for every visitor to understand the city, the people and their religion. We are recommending a guided tour directly after arrival!

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A traditional Moroccan sauna called “Hammam” is really amazing and a must for every guest. It is not only to sit in a hot room, it is a real washing-, scrubbing- and shampooing-treatment of the whole body with natural Moroccan products like the “black soap”.

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Cooking class

Our single-day cooking lessons are designed for anyone of our guests - from beginners to real cooking specialists. Our cook will introduce you to the basics and the subtleties of the Moroccan cuisine as well as the different ways to flavor the meals.

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Oriental Dinner

The tastiest and most beautiful diner in Marrakech you will get for sure in our Riads. We prepare the diner only on demand and after individual choice of our guests with the best and freshest ingredients that you could get on the daily markets.

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We offer all kind of transportation to our guests with very special prices. All prices are including the driver and the petrol, that means there are no extras to pay. All our cars are in a very good condition, proper and are equipped with air-condition.

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What our guests say

Beautiful Riad perfect for exploring Marrakech! We have just stayed here this week and I could not wish for a better place to stay! I wanted a more traditional experience of Marrakech than a hotel which seems a bit lacking in culture. Riad Carina had so much character and it was so beautiful from the courtyards as you walk in right up to the patio. The door as you walk in seems the same as any other on the quiet street but as you walk in, it really opens up. The staff are really lovely and always meet any of the requests we had and we felt confident in asking for something if there was ever a problem. Elinor O.