Lieber Gast, das Erdbeben war wirklich ein Schock für das gesamte Land Marrakesch und wir fühlen mit allen Menschen die Ihre Lieben oder Freunde verloren haben. Glücklicherweise lag das Epizentrum 80 km von Marrakesch entfernt, so dass die Schäden in Marrakesch nur sehr vereinzelt sind.

Bis auf ein paar sehr alte Gebäude hat es kaum Beschädigungen gegeben und der Alltag und der Tourismus in Marrakesch sind völlig normal und ohne Beeinträchtigungen.

Auch an unseren Riads hat es glücklicherweise absolut keine Schäden gegeben, so dass wir ihnen einen wunderschönen und entspannten Aufenthalt in Marrakesch garantieren können.
Wir freuen uns sehr auf ihren Besuch bei uns.

Ihr Team vom Riad Carina, Diana und Viva

Speaking of Marrakech Festivals & Events, two of the biggest annual events, which draw the crowds to the Marrakech region, are:

- The big Gnaoua and world music festival in Essaouira (early June) and
- The film festival in the Red City (late September)

Event surf groupies and post-hippies get together with ethno-beat enthusiasts and local gentry at the Gnaoua. Open-air concerts and the historic ramparts of Essaouira make a fitting backdrop.

The other is the Marrakech's big cinema-festival: the FIFM is a flashier occasion altogether. This glitzy finds the blue bloods of cinema, the stars and starlets, descend on the red carpet in their best ensemble, rubbing shoulders with the big cinema names from the South.

Huge crowds gather at Jemaâ el Fna as along with the star struck fans a number of film enthusiasts gather to see the open-air screenings of Bollywood films. In July, Marrakech hosts a grand folklore festival, where it highlights its huge range of traditional music and dance. With the new festival management taking over this festival it is expected that this event will soon be garbed in a more ethnic attire to bring it in line with the Essaouira Gnaoua bash.

There is a more discreet spring chamber music do held in Essaouira as well, not known to many. Apart from these highly publicized Moroccon events that attract the visitors to be a part of there are few long-established traditional festivals or moussems, generally in late summer, that are worth catching, especially as the tradition seems to be disappearing.