Lieber Gast, das Erdbeben war wirklich ein Schock für das gesamte Land Marrakesch und wir fühlen mit allen Menschen die Ihre Lieben oder Freunde verloren haben. Glücklicherweise lag das Epizentrum 80 km von Marrakesch entfernt, so dass die Schäden in Marrakesch nur sehr vereinzelt sind.

Bis auf ein paar sehr alte Gebäude hat es kaum Beschädigungen gegeben und der Alltag und der Tourismus in Marrakesch sind völlig normal und ohne Beeinträchtigungen.

Auch an unseren Riads hat es glücklicherweise absolut keine Schäden gegeben, so dass wir ihnen einen wunderschönen und entspannten Aufenthalt in Marrakesch garantieren können.
Wir freuen uns sehr auf ihren Besuch bei uns.

Ihr Team vom Riad Carina, Diana und Viva

Marrakech Museums feature Muslim art and architectures. Photography, paintings and ceramics are the main attractions of Marrakech Museums. Besides, jewelry of past ages, clothing, manuscripts and different mosaic designs will mesmerize you once you get in any of the Marrakech Museums.

Museum of Marrakech

Positioned near the Medersa Ben Youssef, the Museum of Marrakech is situated in the Dar M'Nebhi Palace and is aptly regarded one of the most gorgeous constructions remaining from the end of the nineteenth century. Contemporary art display includes expos of paintings, photography and ceramics here. Feel a large thematic exposition over here.

Museum of the Friends of Marrakech

The Museum of the Friends of Marrakech is located in a 19th century riad that has been outstandingly reinstated. Notice the creations by Marrakechi artists offered through expositions of jewelry, ceramics, clothing and manuscript.

Dar Si Saïd

Dar Si Saïd museum has a high-quality compilation of Moroccan works of art. Getting into it you will find treasures comprise skillfully crafted silver and Berber jewelry, intricate chests, ancient pottery, worked leather as well as an remarkable collection of carpets.

The Museum, housed in a palace on the Riad Ezzitoun El Jadid, depicts the arts, crafts and culture of the Berber people, including displays of some Moorish cedarwood furniture, and artefacts from every day life in the Sahara desert. There is also a collection of door and window frames, elaborately carved and ornamented, in the museum courtyard.

Address: Riad Ezzitoun El Jadid
Telephone: (044) 442 464
Opening time: Daily 8.30am to 11.45am; and 2.30pm to 5.45pm; closed Tuesdays
Admission: 10 dirhams

Islamic Art Museum

The Islamic Art Museum is situated inside the arena of a blue villa in the Majorelle Gardens. There are exhibitions of marriage curtains and fabrics, embroideries, manuscripts, jewelry and many other masterpieces. Children are not allowed inside the museum.